Young Hustla Initiative
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Nov 6 2016
2 issues
Created by Young Hustla Initiative

Young Hustla is an initiative that is centered on an entrepreneurship comic book called Young Hustla.

The comic book follows the life of several aspiring young South African entrepreneurs who tell their rags to rich story, it encapsulates what its like being a young South African and an aspiring entrepreneur in South Africa. The aim of the comic book is to inspire, entertain and educate young people on entrepreneurship/business we hope through this project we can create more job creators rather than job seekers.

Our first comic book issue focus an ordinary kid like you and I who comes from the dust streets of Soweto and who decides enough is enough, complaining will not solve anything... it is a story about a kid who has big dreams just like all of us but the difference is that he decides to chase them instead of blaming society, his current situation or his bad misfortune...

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