Versus Round One
Platforms: PC, XboxOne, Wii U
Number of Players: 1-2
2 Hour Campaign

Versus is the first of its kind indie fighting game inspired by your classic 2D fighters as well as the independently published comicbook market. Each character is from an independent publisher in a comic book or graphic novel and each character contains their own specific move set taken right out of the comic book. The game is developed and published by Openworld Inc, so the different characters from different comics all come together in Openworld's Techwatch comic storyline.

Here's our interview with the developer

More info:


PUBLISHER: CHARACTER Openworld Comics: Techwatch Openworld Comics: Agent 27 133Art: Paragon New Wave Universe: Anumari New Wave Universe: Sandstrom All Knightz: Hard Wired Edge: Revenant William Satterwhite: Stealth New Wave Universe: Anumari Spiral Ink: Hooded Cobra
The Pack
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