Touch Combat
Platform: Android
Number of Players: 1
Nov 10 2014
Over 80 Missions

Witness Dajie's epic journey of trials and tribulations as you master her combat skills to defeat evil incarnate as she searches for her loved one. This is Touch Combat, where your fighting abilities will be tested to their ultimate limits! Can you survive the onslaught of demons coming your way?

Dajie is equipped with her Neon sword and her combat pistols for dealing with her foes. Weapons can be switched at any time and used to chain combos.

True to its name, this game features no on-screen joystick or digital buttons that clutter the screen. Dajie's fighting prowess can be expressed through simple touch and swipe gestures. You have never had more control in an action game before!

No, there isn't an achievement for "Tap the screen 50 times". These are achievements that, when obtained, you feel you have truly fought for something you can be proud of and boast to your friends!

For those who think the Normal difficulty isn't tough enough, guess what? There are two even harder difficulties for you to face with more enemies that are faster and deal more damage. The hardest difficulty is a doozy! You have been warned!

Yes, it must be said again. Infinite juggles, Counters, Rolls, Launches, Combo linking, it's all in there! Experimentation is key to getting the most out of the system. It's easy to pick up and button mash (screen mash?), but only those who take the time to master the intricacies of the system will sit atop the leaderboards!

Created by Bison Taiwo

Platform: Android Number of Players: 1 Age Rating: 7+ Leaderboards: In-Game Leaderboards Achievements: In-game Achievements Controls: Touch Screen Only
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