The Lights
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Created by Drew Sinclair

The Lights

Imagine if you will the first people to inhabit this planet having a pattern naturally marked around their eyes, a pattern representing a level of spiritual  consciousness, a pattern which had been attained through being present in  the now and becoming one with the universal flow of energy that resides  within all elements. This energy now consciously flows through them  enhancing their fundament talents and gifts.  So now in present day when we reach this level of consciousness we awaken  this pattern that sleeps deep and dormant within our DNA, we become awake,  enlightened, the Lights.

Artists Bio

Drew Sinclair is a softly spoken man whose heart often buzzes with the  excitement of pollen- covered bees, and whose mind occasionally receives  thoughts as resplendent as the symmetry in butterfly wings. He inhales and  exhales and knows all else will follow, it is this way of being that has allowed  Drew in his last 38 journeys around the Sun to become experienced in the  many forms of art. Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Creative writing, Poetry,  Film, Animation, Daydreaming and Graphic design.

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