Tales of Hassan
Platforms: Android
Number of Players: 1
Mar 1 2014
3 Hours

“The Tales of Hasan” is an adventure game with a typical African setting developed mainly for android phones. The game tells a story of a hero's quest to solve the plights of his people. His quest to save his village and its people from destruction leads him on a journey with unexpected events. He is encountered by different interesting characters. Fly, and stomp your way through these levels, smashing your way through obstacles and stomping on dwarfs, trolls, executioners, and fight strategically with Soronko and kyewaa the evil witch.

This is a platforming game with various levels, not an endless runner like the screenshots may suggest. Hassan also has telekinetic abilities such as the ability to possess and control certain enemies.


  • 40 challenging levels
  • For android phone as low as 1.5
  • Supports all screen sizes and resolutions. and automatically adjusts to device controls.
Price: Free Size: 6.8mb Minimum Operating System: Android 1.5 Controls: Touch Screen Buttons
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