Available On: Kid Comics
Price: TBC
Created by Rosovel Pitt

Richard Kincaid is haunted by a dark past. A past he can barely remember, but will never forget. Something horrific yet incredibly prolific transformed him into the man he is today. A man with the mind of a computer and the power of a god. Today he is Purge.

Purge has taken on the mantle, hero of New Salem, a state-of-the -art metropolis he himself designed. The vision of New Salem is to build a true utopia within the network of modern America. However, nefarious forces threaten to destroy that vision and exploit Purge's para-natural abilities for their purposes. Now more than ever, Purge must live up to his title as the purifier, the protector of the city and the people he vowed to lead to a better world. Can he do it?

The Pack
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