Nairobi X Mobile
Jun 16 2015
2 Hour Campaign

Nairobi X is a first person shooter game set in Nairobi, Kenya, in the year 2030. The country is under attack from aliens. You play as the fictional soldier Otero, who is part of the GSU Recce squad, and it's your job to save the city from the alien invasion. You will fight in notable locations in Nairobi like the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, The Supreme Court, City Hall and Times Tower.

The mobile game plays differently from the PC game. Whereas the PC game is a typical First Person Shooter, the mobile game is more akin to an on-rails shooter, but in this case, the rails don't move. You stand behind barricades and have shooting stand offs with hordes of aliens while listening to commands in a Kenyan language.

Platforms: Android Number of Players: 1 Controls: Touchscreen Buttons
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