Platform: Android
Number of Players: 1
Developers: Weza Interactive Entertainment

Mzito is a 2D Endless platformer mobile game.

The Lions are asleep. They have been asleep for too long. The Spirits of Africa sought an end to this.  Thus, they split a piece from themselves and created the first two Mzitos’. The Mzitos’ were blessed with all the potential of Africa. Tasked with the duty of awakening the Sleeping Lions. The Mzitos’ must travel all over Africa and use the skills blessed upon them  to spread the new awakening. The awakening of the sleeping Lions.

So who is Mzito?  …You are.

"This game is made to inspire Africa. In our own way we are all a
version of Mzito, with the potential of awakening Africa through our
talents, skills and ideas. We all want a bright future for our continent
and Mzito embodies exactly that."

The gameplay pictures below shows off levels inspired by real life African locations. From left to right, Fontainhas – Cape Verd, Lake Nakuru – Kenya, Congo rain Forest – Congo and Victoria falls – Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Lead Developer: Ahere George Art: Andrew Mahowa Number of Players: 1 Platform: Android Controls: Tilt and Touch
The Pack
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