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Feb 2 2017
1 issue
Created by Tinodiwa Makoni

The story of Ganyamuto begins with another. The story of POWER. In the distant future, in another dimension of Earth, humans are long extinct and a new civilization has built itself upon the last trace remains of earthen culture from what we know as Africa. The world of Nyi-pasi (Earth) is in turmoil, split into 4 major continents each with several countries and thousands of cities and even more tribes. Eventually the various governments agree on global laws which help keep the delicate balance of life on this little blue rock. 

In The city of Zwe-rarah, often referred to as the greatest city in the world, deadly adversaries battle it out. One to protect, one to destroy. Darklaw, a despotic overlord of the Outer Isles (often called the Dark Isles) who seeks to overthrow the Global Government and rule in its stead, continues his relentless attack on the city in pursuit of his one goal, the highly concentrated Gravium reserves buried deep below the city.The Pride of Heroes, Nyi-pasi’s superhero league fights to defend it at every turn. Their leader, Crimson Wolf, is prime protector of Zwe-rarah(zw), along with his protege Ganyamuto.  Ganyamuto, a stubborn, reckless teenage pup followed his grandfather back to his secret hideout one day and discovered he was the one and only Crimson Wolf, protector of Zwe-rarah city, fate would have it that that same day the Wekudenga (a group of extraterrestrial beings) mysteriously appeared at the hideout located in ancient ruins, and saw fit to bestow Ganyamuto with the Ngununu (a set of powerful inter dimensional cannons) and charged him with protecting them until ‘the time has come’. The Ngununu are the most powerful weapons in this universe and now they are in the hands of a 15 year old boy who must learn to control them and himself. With Crimson Wolf charged to train him, Ganyamuto must grow to one day become Zwe-rarah’s protector and save the world from the great threat that the Wekudenga foretell ….. but how much time does he have?

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