Written: Timothy R. Wood
Illustrated By: Pius Bak

Join the adventure of Australi, a fantasy tale of danger and mystery. But BEWARE, for here be pirates, giant animals and dark magic. One boy, Maloo of the desert, is prophesised to save Australi and its people from a dark force.

An ancient being, shrouded in arcane magic, stowed away in the cargo of the great empires ships, lying in wait for its moment to take revenge upon Australi. Maloo must unify the Great Spirit Animals that bind the fabric of Australi together.

But in their time of weakness, as the lands wilt and fade, it’s hard to find strength against a foe as old as time itself. The Lion.Australi is a setting unexplored by adventurers and readers alike. If you love AVATAR: The Last Airbender, Jedi, steam machines, magic and sprawling adventure tales, you will LOVE Australi.

Producer: Tomas Wanke Producer: Hamish Ludbrook Graphic design: Ellysha Mill
The Pack
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