Afrobeat Warriors
Platforms: Android, iOS
Number of Players: 1

Choose your warrior and kick some serious butt as your battle accross various levels to become the Afrobeats Warriors champ!

Every few years the warriors compete in a tournament in order to discover who is the best warriors of them all. But first you have to compete with some of the toughest fighters as you battle for top-spot.

Afrobeats Warriors is a an amazing action game with a unique theme as well. Players get to battle accross levels using unique characters with special combos and abilities. This app will keep you entertained on your mobile device by combining fun gameplay, great graphics and loads of special features. Are you ready to become the Afrobeats Warriors Champion?

+Play as characters Wizzy, The O.B.O, Lady Tiwa and many more!
+Punch, Kick, Skelewu and Azonto (dance) your way across levels
+Master the combos and specials of each character

+Unlock each Warriors storyline as you play
+Buy special items and upgrades to help you in battle

+Defeat Bangalee, Boss Banky and other bosses to become Afrobeats Warriors Champion!

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